What is the Perfect Honeymoon?


I have spoken to many couples looking for their perfect honeymoon and I often get asked, where is the perfect destination for a honeymoon. The pressure of getting this right is almost as high as the wedding day itself, after all it is something you only plan on doing the once and therefore it must be just right. So, what is a perfect Honeymoon and how do you make sure you get it right?


Most couples are planning their wedding day at least a year in advance and I would advise that a Honeymoon would be given the same amount of thought and time.  Once you have worked out how much you are going to set aside for this, it’s time to start considering your options and the earlier you start the more choice you have.


A honeymoon normally takes place straight after your Wedding Day, however there’s no set rule as to when this can be taken.  If the destination you wish to go to, is out of season when you are getting married, such as hurricane / rainy / humid season, therefore not giving you the experience, you are hoping for, then I would recommend booking your Honeymoon for when it’s right for you, even if you have to wait a month or two. There are of course other positives to having a Honeymoon later; 1) You have something to look forward to once your big day is over 2) More time for your friends and family to add to your gift list.

Please remember if you would like to be considered for a upgrade or some other benefit of being a newlywed on your Honeymoon, such as complimentary wine, spa treatment or romantic dinner (this will vary by hotel) then you will need to take your wedding certificate, please note that it is normally valid for up to one year and this will need to be shown upon arrival. 


So, what is the perfect Honeymoon? I would suggest that you ask each other that very question, you could be surprised by their answer.  Yes, you may be the perfect couple, but perhaps you enjoy doing different things.  This scenario is actually really, common, so discussing your wish lists is the first step of creating the perfect honeymoon.   


I have worked alongside many couples, where one half is looking for something quiet and romantic and the other prefers to be active and adventurous, understanding both of your needs for this occasion should be the priority and this is where I can help.  There are lots of options that could work to make the most of your time and to get the best of both worlds, such as; one country two different resorts, twin centres, multi centres or perhaps island hopping. 


The perfect Honeymoon should be bespoke to you, it shouldn’t be the popular place to go. I often get asked at Wedding Fairs, where is everyone else going for their Honeymoon.  Just because John and Jane and Dave and Diane are going to the Caribbean for theirs, doesn’t mean that it’s right for you.  The idea that it has to be somewhere “romantic” is long gone, now more and more couples are ticking off their bucket list and making their honeymoon as adventurous as they are. 


Should a Honeymoon be somewhere completely new? Not necessarily, sometimes going somewhere familiar that you have enjoyed before can be comforting.  I would recommend that if you both would like to revisit a place, then perhaps look at a different hotel, or at least an upgrade of the room, so it doesn’t feel like the holiday before, nor will you then be able to compare against your last experience.  If you loved the Maldives for example, then why not think about a different atoll, or book a Water Villa rather than the beach one you had before? Remember, it’s your Honeymoon, so make it special for you.