50 Twin Centre Holiday Ideas

Have you ever thought about a Twin Centre holiday, combining two places in one trip? Great idea to see more for less and to tick off your bucket list.  Perhaps you are looking for a Honeymoon and you need to please the both of you, or maybe you want to combine a city with a beach? Whatever your reason, the twin centre holiday is a great opportunity to create that perfect trip.

If you need some inspiration for your next twin centre holiday, here’s 50 twin centre holidays to get you started.

1.      Abu Dhabi and Dubai

2.      Abu Dhabi and the Maldives

3.      Alaska and Vancouver

4.      Australia and New Zealand

5.      Bali and Lombok

6.      Bangkok and Khao Lak

7.      Bangkok and Koh Samui

8.      Bangkok and Phuket

9.      Barbados and St Lucia

10.   Barbados and the Grenadines

11.   Cambodia and Laos


12.   Cape Town and Mauritius

13.   Cuba and Mexico

14.   Dominica and Barbados

15.   Dominica and St Lucia

16.   Dubai and Cape Town

17.   Dubai and Phuket

18.   Dubai and Thailand

19.   Dubai and the Maldives

20.   Florence and Tuscany

21.   Florida and the Caribbean

22.   India and Goa

23.   Kruger and Mauritius

24.   Las Vegas and Hawaii

25.   Lisbon and Porto

26.   Los Angeles and Las Vegas

27.   Los Angeles and Mexico

28.   Malt and Gozo

29.   Memphis and New Orleans

30.   Miami and Mexico

31.   New York and Las Vegas

32.   New York and Los Angeles

33.   New York and Mexico

34.   New York and Orlando

35.   New York and St Lucia

36.   New York and Washington

37.   Orlando and Miami

38.   Rome and Sorento

39.   San Francisco and Las Vegas

40.   San Francisco and Los Angeles

41.   Sardinia and Corsica

42.   Seville and Madrid

43.   Singapore and Australia

44.   Singapore and Bali

45.   Singapore and Fiji

46.   Sri Lanka and the Maldives

47.   Tenerife and La Gomera

48.   Toronto and Vancouver

49.   Venice and Verona

50.   Vietnam and Cambodia

Also known as Multi Centre Holidays, the twin centre option can be tailored to you, so whether it’s split equally in duration or a couple of nights in the first destination before you explore the next, it can be whatever you want it to be.

Have you been on a twin centre holiday? I would love to hear your experiences -tell me more in the comments below.